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The Flutina is a small, accordion-style musical instrument that was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is similar in size and design to a melodica or a keyboard, but it is played with a set of bellows that produce sound when squeezed.


The Flutina is a compact and portable instrument that consists of a keyboard with a set of metal reeds, which produce sound when air is forced over them by the bellows. The bellows can be squeezed by the player's hands to create sound, and the keyboard is used to select the notes that are played. The instrument was often sold as a beginner's accordion, and it was designed to be easy to play for people with little musical experience.


The Flutina produces sound when air is forced over its reeds by the bellows. The player can control the volume and tone of the instrument by squeezing the bellows and playing the keyboard. The Flutina was often used as a solo instrument, but it could also be used to accompany other instruments or to provide background music in ensemble settings.

Herkunft und Geschichte

The Flutina was invented in France in the late 19th century and became popular as a beginner's instrument in Europe and North America. The instrument was mass-produced and sold by several manufacturers, including Hohner and M. Hohner. The popularity of the Flutina declined in the mid-20th century as other, more versatile instruments became available. Today, the Flutina is a rare and little-known instrument, but it continues to have a small following among collectors and enthusiasts of vintage musical instruments.

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